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Dry Wipe Wall Number Line – 0 to 20

This durable plastic Dry Wipe Wall Number Line number line featuring 20 increments is perfect for teaching young learners how to count and do basic maths.

This versatile early years resource features numbers 0 to 20 in equal increments and can be placed on front of class for group activities or on side walls where young learners can use the durable, drywipe, flexible plastic number line to practice their maths.

The Dry Wipe Wall Number Line helps students identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations including the number line and use of the language of equal to, more than, less than, fewer, most, least.

•Dry Wipe Number Line
•Great for front of class demonstrations
•Use counters to mark positions along the line
•Wall mounted
•Overall length 200cm x 20cm wide, which allows this version to have a larger type face.
•Please note, pens are not included.
•Suitable for children age 5 to 7 years