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Little Tin of Teenage Worries

Discussion cards and strategies to help teenagers cope with their worries. The cards address 70 common teenage worries grouped into seven main areas:
Social networking
Peer pressure
Personal issues
The world around
Home and family
Career and working life
These cards are ideal for a range of establishments in addition to schools and colleges as although they cover everyday issues that all teenagers face, carefully selected cards can also be used to tackle a variety of mental health problems. The cards can be used with an individual student who is suffering from anxiety or for groups asking each student to find the best solution to the worry. What also works well is to pair up the students with one being the ‘worrier’ and the other being the ‘adviser’. You could also have a third person being an ‘observer’ who listens and makes notes and reports back to the rest of the class. There are teachers’ notes to explain these different uses of the cards.