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Help Children Who Act Before They Think So They Can Develop Appropriate Social And Behavioural Skills

Help children who act before they think so they can develop appropriate social and behavioural skills. This set is designed to help these children to understand the concept of ‘Stop and Think’ and decide on alternative behaviour instead of immediately reacting.

The kit comes with 2 fans identifying 18 common scenarios such as ‘grabbing’ ‘running’ ‘shouting’ and looks at what can be done instead.

If the adult notices the child being impulsive they can offer up the ‘Stop and Think’ large foam board cards to help the child think. If the child stops, thinks and acts well then a reward token is given to them to be displayed on the ‘I thought about it’ display dry wipe boards and have a space to include a child’s name if desired.

There is also a blank fan to add on your own specific targets which can be personalised for individual children.

Kit Contents:

2 x Stop and Think Scenario Fans (125x45mm)
1 x Stop and Think Self Completion Blank Fan
20 x ‘Good Thinking – Well Done’ Reward Token (includes 2 spare token in case any get lost)
2 x A5 Display Boards
Hook and Loop Tape
1 x Large adults Stop and Think Fan (2 petals 150 x 65mm)
1 x Instruction Booklet
1 x A5 Storage Tin .