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A4+ Silvine Turtle Tough Shell Exercise Book 10mm Square Blue

A4+ is a less common paper size, and the dimensions can vary between manufacturers. These books however are 315 x 230mm. Paper of this size allows enough room for a scanning or printing a full A4 sized document, but with additional space for borders to ensure the edges are not cut off in the process. An A3 printer or scanner will be required for this paper.

Each page in this book has 10mm squares for completing work that requires precision, including finding area and perimeter, carrying out long division, drawing graphs, planning architectural work, or drawing symmetrical art. Maths, Science, Graphics and Art teachers will therefore find this paper to be a valuable resource in their lessons.

The matte-laminated 225gsm tough shell cover is unique to Silvine and has triple stitching for increased durability. A laminated book cover allows water and dirt to be wiped off with ease – perfect for science and art classrooms or taking the books home and ensuring the 75gsm paper within is kept protected.

Each of the 50 books has 80 pages for more than enough space to last a full term. Each book also has a blue cover so it can be easily differentiated between other books in a collection. 10mm square