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YPO Exercise Book, A4+, Plain Unruled, Red, 80 Pages - Pack of 50

A4+ is a less common paper size, and the dimensions can vary between manufacturers. These books are 315 x 230mm, making them perfect for art, graphics or architecture students carrying out design work. The paper allows enough room for a full A4 print, but with additional space for annotations and comments, whether by students analysing and explaining their own work, or teachers marking it. A full A4 design will also have borders when printed on this paper, ensuring the edges of the design are not cut off. An A3 printer will be required for this paper.

The plain unruled characteristics of the paper make it possible to draw directly onto the page without lines or margins in the way.

225gsm Manilla covers are hardwearing and will effectively protect the 75gsm paper inside from spillages that are a high risk in art classes. A lower grammage is not recommended if using books in this environment. Each of the 50 books has 50 pages for more than enough space to last a full term.

Each book has a red cover so it can be easily differentiated between other books in a collection. Pack of 50

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A4 315 x 230mm