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Oxford Exercise Book, A4, 5mm Square & Margin, Blue, 48 Pages - Pack of 50

Oxford exercise books in this range are extremely high quality, with their unusually high grammage 90gsm Optik® white paper and laminated card cover. Laminated card can simply be wiped clean, which makes the books extra durable for use on school trips, in cooking or art classrooms where things can be spilt, or in the home where the conditions of the environment can be surprising. The paper itself is pure white, and a grammage that prevents any ink leaking through to the other side. This ensures both sides of all 48 pages can be used, increasing value for money compared to alternatives.

Squared exercise books are ideal for maths and art students who need precision in what they are writing or drawing. The 5mm squares are suitable for children completing work that requires precision, including finding area and perimeter, carrying out long division, drawing graphs, planning architectural work, or drawing symmetrical art. Maths, Science, Graphics and Art teachers will therefore find this paper to be a valuable resource in their lessons. These books also include a margin for organisation and to aid with layout.

Classic A4 sized paper makes it possible to fit more diagrams per page or larger ones than alternative books allow, as well as bringing a comforting familiarity to students just getting to grips with the mathematical or artistic concepts being taught. They will blend in nicely with other A4 books in a collection for more aesthetically pleasing storage and easy carrying.

The 50 books come with a blue cover to help differentiate between other Oxford books. 5mm square, blue