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YPO Exercise Book, A4, 8mm Feint and Margin, Cartridge Paper, 20 Pages – Pack of 20

Each page in this A4 book uses 8mm feint lines on 100gsm cartridge paper. Paper of this kind is ideal for practising calligraphy, given that 8mm lines help keep your work neat and tidy with letters all aligned, and cartridge paper was designed specifically for art.

Cartridge paper is engineered to suit drawing due to its high quality and thickness (100gsm), which helps prevent ink and pencil marks from bleeding through the page and allows both sides to be drawn and written on without worry of affecting the work overleaf.

Classic A4 sized paper makes the books easier to carry around compared to larger cartridge paper alternatives. A4 lined paper is the most common paper size in Europe, and 8mm lines are the most common thickness – these characteristics will therefore help you be better able to transfer your skills onto standard white wove paper if needed.

Each of the 20 books also has 20 pages, all protected by the 125gsm cover that can withstand everyday classroom wear and tear.