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Exercise Book, 229 x 178mm, 7mm Square, Blue, 80 Pages - Pack of 80

These exercise books are ideal for maths and art students who need precision in what they are writing or drawing. The 7mm squares are suitable for children completing work that requires precision, including finding area and perimeter, carrying out long division, drawing graphs, planning architectural work, or drawing symmetrical art. Maths, Science, Graphics and Art teachers will therefore find this paper to be a valuable resource in their lessons.

The 229 x 178mm dimensions make the books small enough to fit in any bag to carry around, whereas the exceptionally hard-wearing 225gsm Manilla covers will protect the 75gsm paper within from spills, dirt and wear and tear. This makes them ideal for homework, art classes, or working outside of the classroom.

Each of the 80 books has 80 pages and a blue cover for easy differentiation between other books in a collection. 7mm square, Dark blue

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