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Natural Treasure Basket

Treasure Baskets are a fantastic way to introduce the heuristic play to children up to 18 months of age. This Natural Treasure Basket presented in a hessian bag contains 33 pieces of various materials.

This Natural Treasure basket is filled heuristic items made from natural materials, such as a brush, wooden spoon, rolling pins, fir cones, and sponges. It comes with everything you need to stimulate a young learner's senses and even includes a handy grab bag for easy storage after playtime.

Sensory play activities are always popular with toddlers, and they provide pure and unstructured play opportunities giving lots of options for introducing toys and other manipulatives.

Sensory play is an essential learning tool for brain and language development, fine and gross motor skills, social interaction, awareness and adaptability as well as supporting problem-solving skills and cognitive growth.

Please note that these items are not toys and are designed to support curricular activities under adult supervision.

•Set with 33 pieces of various heuristic materials.
•Colours, shapes and sizes may vary slightly.
•Includes a handy hessian bag for storage.
•Perfect for sensory exploration.
•For use under adult supervision .