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TickIt Odd Balls – Set of 4

These TickIt Odd Balls are a set of 4 inflatable balls in distinctive and unusual shapes and with different surface textures and colours. Designed to support Physical and Personal development, these balls are perfect in activities exploring hand-eye coordination, motor skills, collaborative play and sensory play.

These uniquely shaped odd balls are great fun for throwing, catching, rolling and bouncing as the irregular shapes make them move in unpredictable directions, challenging expectations and hand-eye coordination.

The odd shapes of these amazing balls are a great resource to support independent and creative thinking as well as problem solving skills.

The set contains shapes and approximate sizes as follows: blue opaque rugby (L:250mm), green semi-translucent pyramid (L:180mm), purple opaque multi-sided (dia.220mm), clear spiky surface (dia.150mm).

•Supports 2areas of learning: Physical Development and Personal Development
•Each Odd Ball has it's own characteristics.
•1-year warranty.
•Set requires inflation.
•Dimensions: blue opaque rugby ball (L:250mm), green semi-translucent pyramid (L:180mm), purple opaque multi-sided ball (dia.220mm), clear spiky surface ball (dia.150mm).
•Suitable for children of all ages
•Set with 4 inflatable balls .