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Natural Exploration Treasure Basket


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Our Natural Exploration Treasure Basket comes with an assortment of natural materials which are a great way to encourage children to explore and discover the natural world around them.

These loose parts can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together again in multiple ways that are limited only by the child's imagination.

Natural materials carry an inherent sensory benefit. They have different textures, sizes, colours and smells, and as such, they provide more tactile stimulation to children helping them improve their hand/finger awareness and coordination.

This Natural Exploration Treasure Basket includes:
•1kg River pebbles,
•1kg Polished Stones (assorted colours),
•500g each of small and large shells,
•250g each of Branch Chips, Branch Offcuts Oval, Branch Offcuts Circle, Branch Stumps,
•250g Regular Pine Cones,
•pack of 10 Bark Squares,
•pack of 4 Seagrass Bundles (assorted colours),
•pack of 4 Wild Willow Balls,
•pack of 20 Bodhi Leaves,
•250g Small Gemstones (assorted).

The pack is supplied in a deep rectangular Maize basket, which is perfect both to store, organise and group it's contents as well as allowing young learners to transport them from one early years setting to another.

Please note these items are not toys and are designed to support curricular activities under adult supervision.

•Encourage children to explore and discover the natural world around them.
•Comes with a large assortment of natural materials.
•Different textures, sizes, colours and smells help children improve their hand/finger awareness and coordination.
•Supplied in a deep rectangular Maize basket.
•Basket Dimensions: 420(D) x 150 (H) x 310mm(L)
•For use under adult supervision.

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