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YPO Sensory Kit 1.


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Key Features:
•Explore texture, colour, light, reflection and more in a playful context
•Calming to children with anxiety or autism
•Develops a familiarity to textures that is transferable to food
•Discover key concepts like rough and smooth during imaginative play
•Variety of resources chosen by experts at YPO to aid in a child’s development

This sensory kit contains a variety of resources specially selected by YPO to encourage young children to explore and discover light, reflection, sound, texture and colour. Sensory play is important to aid brain development in childhood, and helps form an association of safety with certain textures that the child may normally be uncomfortable with or weary of.

As well as exploring, discovering and having fun through the senses, children can feel calmed when playing with the toys in this kit. Children with anxiety, autism and other issues will benefit greatly from turning to the safety and distraction of sensory play, making this kit a must-have in classrooms, playgroups and even the home

More specifically, items like the sensory balls will help children fathom key concepts like spiky, flat, smooth, and rough, whilst the rainbow cascade and liquid set will mesmerise children with their gorgeous colours, reflections, and seemingly impossible physics. The easy hold discovery set will also allow children to see the world from a new perspective, with an introduction to transparency and translucency, leaving the rainbow glitter balls and mirror block set to fulfil a more practical playful role with the sensory benefits almost secondary to their open-ended imaginative play potential.

•Sensory Rainbow Cascade
•Sensory Liquid Set
•Sensory Balls Pack
•Rainbow Glitter Balls
•Mirror Block Set
•Easy Hold Discovery Set

Suitable for children aged 3+.

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