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YPO Potions Kit – Pack with 33 Items


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Potion making in the EYFS is great fun and has so many benefits for children in the early years. This 33 piece YPO Potions Kit contains everything your little scientists need to create their own perfumes, potions or magical mixtures.

This complete potion kit includes a wide variety of brightly coloured items, including funnels, scoops, jugs, and storage tubs that will inspire and enable young learners to access a range of benefits and skills that come with the activity.

Some of those benefits include

•Social Skills – Children will often start working together to create potions or share ideas
•Communication and language skills – As children share ideas and share their potion recipes and the process to concoct them, they will learn new words as well as venturing into descriptive language learning to express themselves.
•Maths – This is an area which can be actively promoted as children explore potion making from looking at numbers on the scales or cylinders, counting how many pebbles they are adding or how many drops of water out of the pipettes etc
•Mark-Making – This is great if children are encouraged to make marks to represent numbers for each ingredient they add, creating a potions book or even representing their potions effects in a drawing.
•Imagination – Children’s imagination can be supported through these activities as they make all kinds of amazing concoctions for all different reasons
•Active Learning – Potion making in the EYFS allows children to explore, actively learning, while they create and think critically, deciding which ingredients to add next to their potion.

Potion-making is very versatile activity because it can be linked to any theme in your curriculum: such as books by creating for example potions to turn you into a Gruffalo, seasons such as making summertime potions, or even topics, such as dinosaurs, like creating the perfect muddy swamp potions.

It can also be an unled adult experience by allowing the children to create any potions they like.

•This potion-making kit supports learning skills such as: Communication & Language, Maths, Active Learning, Imagination and Social Skills.
•Items supplied may vary slightly from those shown.
•Suitable for children age 3 years and above.
•For use under adult supervision.
•Pack with 33 potion kit items

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