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Learning Station

The Learning Station is a system of modular shelves and panels which can be easily and safely connected to each other (and disconnected) using a versatile octagonal post. It creates a space where children can focus on their tasks in a protected safe area. Can be arranged in various ways to fit your space and your needs. No tools are needed!

Included in the Learning Station are:

Adjustable shelf - 63(W) x 61cm(H) - F621
Clear panel - 63(W) x 61cm(H) - F721
Display board - 124(W) x 61cm(H) - F713
Bamboo panel - 124(W) x 61cm(H) - F733
Height adjustable table - 56(D) x 112cm(W) - D244
Post x 2 - 122cm(H) - F756
Display tray unit - 71(W) x 122(H) - F514
the display tray unit also includes: 4 shallow trays, 4 deep trays and a set of 6 magnets. Please choose a tray colour.

Space required is 2.7 x 0.8m.

F508 .