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Marmax Gameboards – Chess and Snakes & Ladders

This fun gameboard designed to fit the Marmax Junior and Adult picnic Benches is a great way to make outdoor lunch even more fun and is ideal for encouraging student interaction.

The 1500mm sized Marmax Gameboards are available in a range of designs from chess, snakes and ladders, multiplication or Tiny Town.

This Marmax Gameboard features a Chess and a Snakes & Ladders board.

Chess helps improve children's concentration, patience and persistence as well as developing a sense of creativity, intuition, memory, analytical talents and decision-making skills as well as teaching determination, motivation and sportsmanship.

The Snakes and ladders game allows students to understand the concept of Mathematics easily. Besides, students can be exposed to the operations of addition and subtraction indirectly, and it is also a suitable activity for leisure time to promote social skills and interaction among the players.

• A picnic bench must be ordered at the same time as the Gameboard and will be attached to the product before d livery
• Please see optional extras for product choices
• Picnic bench sold separately
• Game pieces not included
• All of the Marmax Gameboards come with a 1-year guarantee
• Delivered fully assembled
• Dimensions: 1500(L) x 750mm(W)