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Outlast 28cm & 56cm Ramps (W338) – Pack of 4

Key Features:
• Outlast - Interlocking wooden shapes for open-ended imaginative play
• Acetylated wood – highly durable and lasts forever outdoors
• Suitable for building temporary or permanent structures
• Build for play or practicality – anything from toy trains to tables
• Contains 2 x 28cm Outlast Ramps and 2 x 56cm Outlast ramps (4 ramps total)

Outlast is an open-ended creative play tool with the only limit being your child’s imagination! Outlast comes in a variety of shapes that interlock for children to create anything they want – whether that is a building, an obstacle course, a fully functioning bridge, or a seating area for their friends! Use these 28cm & 56cm ramps to start or grow your Outlast collection, or replace missing or damaged ramps from your existing nursery or school set.

Each durable ramp is made from acetylated accoya wood, which is highly durable against impact and everyday play, and will last forever outdoors. This allows children to make temporary structures for fun replicating animals or vehicles, or more practical items like tables and benches for permanent outdoor use.

Versatile and Easy to Use
The ramps interlock with other shapes in the Outlast collection using a simple male and female attachment on each piece, which children will easily figure out independently. The wholesome and simple activity gives children a chance to use their imagination, and practice teamwork, logic and problem solving to achieve their creative visions.

With the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct on demand, children can make new things as they age and their tastes change, allowing today’s footbridge to become tomorrow’s spaceship! .

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