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Yellow Door Lets Investigate - Woodland Footprints


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Curious young explorers will love the Lets Investigate - Woodland Footprint set as they learn to identify and associate each animal to their paw print.

This set of engaging woodland footprints is an excellent way for children to start their woodland explorations. Each of these 8 double-sided stones features the raised footprint of a different animal - either a fox, squirrel, rabbit, frog deer, buzzard, owl or mouse - with the image of the animal indented into the reverse.

Take the stones on a group walk to compare with any animal tracks the children discover (or prepare some of your own if needed). Press the Lets Investigate - Woodland Footprints stones into the ground to check, then flip the stone over to identify what animal left the marks in the outdoor area of your setting.

When they do find the footprint stones, they can sort them by categories, such as feathers, claws, diet and record their findings by taking rubbings, making impressions in play dough, creating prints using paints and any other creative ways.

When the work is done, the children can give the footprints a good clean with soap and water before a new woodland adventure.

The footprints are made from a unique stone mix and are robust enough to be used throughout an early years setting, both inside and outdoors.

The Lets Investigate - Woodland Footprints set is the perfect resource to introduce young adventurers to the wonders of nature, teaching them skills that were second nature to our ancestors.

What animal might the children find at the end: fox, squirrel, rabbit, frog, deer, buzzard, owl or mouse? This is just the beginning of their learning adventure.

• Made from a unique stone mix suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
• The set includes 8 double-printed stones. In one side, the animal's footprint in high relief and on the other a low relief engraved image of the animal.
• Easily cleaned with soap and water.
• Suitable for use indoors and outdoors
• Size: 70–80mm
• Suitable for age 2 years and above. 3 years +

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