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Large Den Making Kit

Large Den Making Kit When you are building a den in a group, everyone has a role to play. Whilst one of your young adventurers secures the structure, the other will be laying the tarpaulin that will provide isolation from the elements, whilst another can be laying the roof and camouflaging it with fallen leaves.

Den Building is an amazing team-building exercise to teach children how to work together for a common goal - whilst having a lot of fun doing it.

This Large Den Making Kit comes with all you need for the den making fun to begin!

This great value kit contains a variety of resources for den building:
• A large sheet of hessian material
• 3 x waterproof tarpaulin sheets with metal eyelets, perfect for floor insulation or building a water-resistant den roof.
• Pack of 20 bamboo sticks, ideal to build the structure of the den.
• 200m roll of twine, allowing you to secure the den structure together.
• pack of 20 pegs, used to secure the ma