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TickIt Forest Phones

The TickIt Forest Phones is designed to promote conversation through the airwaves outside, helping to develop children’s communication, personal and social skills

This set includes 2 camouflage coloured handsets and 5 meters strong green, hollow flexible tubing.

The long, bright tubing and handsets allow the children to collaborate and play together to develop:
• Communication and language (talking and listening),
• Personal development (collaborative play)
• Understanding of the world (sound)
This forest phone set is great fun, easy to use and requires no batteries, and is an excellent addition to adventurous role-play, enhancing speaking and listening skills as children focus on hearing and on being heard, and plan how to respond.

The tubing is strong enough that it can be buried, wrapped around trees, woven into a hatch or playhouse and around corners in any outdoor setting. Children can be creative and use their imagination to create games and role play.

This TickIt Forest Phones set has the ultimate objective to network conversations across the airwaves outside.

• Develop children’s communication, personal and social skills
• Suitable for use indoor and outdoor
• Tubes can be buried permanently or temporarily in place.
• Designed in strong, durable plastic
• Set Includes 2 handsets and 5 metres of strong, flexible tubing
• Suitable for ages 3 years and above .

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