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Toddler Playset - Travel Through

Create your own balance and co-ordination course with different gradients and paths using our unique Toddler Playset components – creating an adventurous and stimulating play area for young children. Elements can be used as part of a set (connectors included)
or individually. Encourages body awareness and movement competence as children develop the ability to move with control, precision and clarity. Manufactured from a combination of polywood (a tough wood like material made from recycled plastic) and PVC
leather and foam. 6 piece set includes:
Ladybird Dimensions: 150(H) x 385(W) x 385mm(D)
This Way Dimensions: 150(H) x 385(W) x 700mm(D)
House Dimensions: 1000(H) x 925(W) x 700mm(D)
Mushroom Dimensions: 150(H) x 385(W) x 700mm(D)
Tortoise Dimensions: 200(H) x 385(W) x 350mm(D)
Deer Dimensions: 150(H) x 550(W) x 550mm(D) .