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Magic Discovery Carpet

Alice Sharp's beautiful magic carpet with its hidden pockets for imagining where you can travel to and the adventures you will have. A soft, fabric carpet designed to inspire imaginations and create lively conversations. Carpet can be wiped clean. Alice asked us to create an inspiring carpet where children could sit and conjure up amazing ideas for visits to places real and imagined. Place a globe nearby and select your country. Fly to an historical event or be part of a mission, a fairytale or an adventure. There are hidden pockets where you could hide messages, prompts, tasks etc. Perhaps you could hide a map, some treasure or other catalysts that will help ideas to soar. The pockets are also good for helping with fine-motor skills. A lovely accessory to any setting with so many open-ended possibilities. Get ready for magical journeys.
Suitable for age 3 years +
Dimensions: 950(W) x 1500mm(L) .