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YPO Rigid Whiteboards, A4, Gridded/Plain - Pack of 10


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The use of whiteboards helps reduce your paper consumption and environmental impact – an issue many of today’s children worry greatly about and would welcome a solution to. With a pack of 10 rigid drywipe boards, you can rest assured your school is making a decision that will not only save the planet, but save you money.

Although slightly more costly than flexible whiteboards, a rigid whiteboard is certainly a more worthwhile option for schools thinking long term. With flexible whiteboards, young children find it tempting to wobble and bend the thin plastic, which often leads to breakages and replacement costs that add up fast.

YPO Rigid Whiteboards however are made from 3mm HDF hardwood to ensure a longer lasting product that won’t break - and with incredible YPO value, they won’t break the bank either!

In the Classroom
In class, rigid whiteboards won’t slide around the table like a lighter plastic board, which makes it easier for children to write neater and more legible text. On gridded boards where children may practise graph drawing and complex maths problems, this is particularly important for a stress-free experience.

Teachers will also find it easier to read from a sturdy, rigid board held up in the air, allowing feedback and learning to progress quicker and children to remain engaged as a result.

Outdoor Leaning
Outside the classroom, rigid whiteboards are a great way to facilitate participation, whether at home, in the playground or on a school trip. They can easily be written on in the absence of a hard surface, with no chance of paper flying away and making a mess. With all the excitement and novelty of outdoor learning, rigid whiteboards are the perfect way to keep them focussed and get the most out of the experience.

Both sides of the board accept drywipe pens – perfect for quickfire A/B answers during quizzes or games – with one side gridded and the other plain to accommodate calculating, drawing or writing across multiple subjects. This makes them ideal for sharing across a school with limited resources, and gives creative freedom to children who may learn better with or without the guidance of squares.

• Height: 21cm
• Width: 30cm
• Thickness: 3mm

For the same product in alternate styles, please see the following: Plain – 876278; Lined - 846856; Coloured - 87003X .

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