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Pritt Glitter Glue Sticks, 10g, Assorted Colours - Pack of 24

Add that finishing touch with Pritt Glitter Glue Sticks. Whether creating a background, border or highlight, your crafts and collage projects are guaranteed to be left shimmering, bright and beautiful! It is not only the glitter that creates this effect – each glue stick in this pack uses either pink, red or yellow glue that creates a gorgeous, colourful aesthetic even when dried!

Pritt Glitter Sticks are the ideal way to glam up your art without the mess or inaccurate application that comes with ordinary glitter. The trendy and attractive coloured glue also helps keep the glitter in place without tarnishing the aesthetic as white glue would. Children will be encouraged to keep creating thanks to the excitement that comes with using such a unique and attractive product, helping nurture a long-term interest in arts and crafts.

Just like an original Pritt Stick, these 10g Glitter Glue Sticks are great for gluing of paper, cardboard, fabric, felt or photos. They are washable at 20°C, solvent-free, PVC free, non-toxic and made in the UK primarily from natural ingredients such as potato starch and water, making the product safe and suitable for children aged 3+.

The Pritt Glitter Glue Stick allows smooth and even application with enough time to reposition an object before it fully dries. The airtight cap also ensures that each glue stick remains in good condition and fresh over prolonged periods of time - they can be used for several years without drying out!

The tubes of all Pritt Glue Sticks are 100% recyclable as they are made from PP5 plastics. This material is recyclable by 79% of UK councils. Please check online first if your council collects and recycles this waste, otherwise there are recycle points in each city/town.

Please Note: Glitter Glue sticks are recommended for children aged 3+.

Pack of 24 x 10g. Contains 8 of each colour: red, pink and yellow.