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YPO Blue Label PVA Glue, Washable – 1 Litre

Key Features:
•Designed for nursery and primary school use
•Eco-friendly – high percentage of water dispersible ingredients used in biofilms
•Washes off clothes, brushes and furniture easily
•Versatile for wide range of arts and crafts
•Latex, wheat and gluten free

YPO PVA Glue has been specially developed for nursery and primary school aged children, with excellent bonding properties, versatile use, and washing off clothes extremely easily. Eco-friendly and low in price, YPO PVA Glue is not only cheaper than the leading brands – but even better quality.

The Ultimate Versatile Adhesive
How many times have you seen PVA glue recommended when following an arts and crafts tutorial? As one of the most versatile resources in arts and crafts, PVA is used for EVERYTHING – from paper to card, papier-mâché, wood, fabrics, and even mixed with paint to create a glossy finish!

Clearly an essential in the classroom, it shouldn’t have to break the bank, and that’s why our low-priced YPO own brand PVA is the best choice for your school.

Perfect for Children
Specially made for young children in nursery and primary school, this glue is both safe and washable for stress-free use.

It is latex, wheat and gluten free for safe use by those with allergies so everyone can join in the fun, as well as phthalate free to avoid associated negative health effects if accidentally inhaled or ingested by children.

The special formulation will also wash off clothes, skin, hair, art brushes and work areas extremely easily – even when dry – so teachers and parents can let children create without a care in the world.

This glue contains a high percentage of water dispersible ingredients that are used in biofilms, and is therefore the best for the environment too compared to alternate glues. Save money, save yourself stress, and save the planet with YPO PVA Glue!

For the same product in alternate sizes, please see the following: 180ml – 749141; 600ml – 749133; 5 Litres - 749117

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