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YPO Jumbo Wax Crayons, 24 x 6 Assorted Colours – Pack of 144 Crayons

Key Features:
•Excellent quality jumbo sized wax crayons at a value price
•Jumbo for small hands – easy grip and quick colouring of large areas
•No mess on skin, clothes or furniture
•Paper cover to prevent snapping and reduce mess
•More durable than pens and pencils – use both ends if snapped
•Pack of 144 – 24 individual packs of 6 assorted colours

Perfect for drawing, colouring in and shading on paper, card or sugar paper, wax crayons are the best way to get children creative with maximum safety and minimum mess. YPO Wax Crayons carefully balance the higher quality of premium options with the lower price of economy options to ensure the best value for your school; manufactured at just a few pence per piece, 100% satisfaction is assured with each and every YPO crayon.

Made for Beginners
The chunky, jumbo size of the crayons makes them easier to hold for young children with smaller hands who haven’t yet developed the fine motor skills for thinner bodied crayons. When children are learning to colour in for the first time and specialise in colouring large areas with little precision, jumbo crayons are the ideal introduction for a fun and satisfying experience!

Each pack includes 288 crayons across 6 bright, vivid colours to reflect the most common colours children see in the world around them, and give them ultimate creative freedom to express what they see in their mind’s eye.

The 288 crayons are supplied as 24 packs of 6, so each pupil can be given a pack each without any fighting over the colours!

As they are made from wax, crayons are non-toxic and will not cause harm if ingested by children. This makes them much safer than pens and paint, and suitable for unsupervised use by children in busy classrooms and homes.

Less Mess
Unlike pen and paint, wax crayons help children create without leaving accidental marks on skin, clothes or furniture. This makes the creative experience less stressful for everyone involved, and allows children to enjoy unsupervised fun with crayons whenever they want.

Extremely Durable
Each crayon body has a paper cover not only to reduce mess on hands, but to ensure comfortable use and prevent snapping too! This means children can use the crayons roughly and drop or throw them without risk of breakage, although if any breakages do occur, any part of the crayon can be sharpened for use. Although pencils can also be sharpened when snapped, a broken lead will require constant sharpening and lead to frustration when colouring.

Compared to pens on the other hand, wax crayons are superior in that they will not dry out, and do not need a lid to stay usable. Pen lids can also present a choking hazard, and so should be avoided where young children are involved.

This high durability and long lifespan under tough circumstances makes the crayons perfect for young children, as do their ultra-safe properties.

Excellent Quality
Despite a low price, YPO Wax Crayons are of exceptional quality, resisting breakage and laying down bold, vivid colour better than any economy alternative. Colouring will be satisfying and relaxing for children as a result, and the crayons will last longer for schools on a budget.

Compared to premium crayons, standard YPO Wax Crayons are perfect for general classroom activities, casual arts and crafts projects, and hobby use where higher quality and cost would be excessive.

•Length: 100mm
•Diameter: 14mm

Colours Included:

For the same product in a pack of 6, please see the following: 742940 .

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