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YPO Colouring Pencils, Assorted Colours – Pack of 24

  • YPO Colouring Pencils, Assorted Colours – Pack of 24

Key Features:
• Excellent quality standard sized colouring pencils at a value price
• Strong, vibrant coloured leads
• Rare and hard to find colours included amongst more classic tones
• Pack of 24 – Unique assortment of 24 different colours

YPO Colouring Pencils carefully balance the higher quality of premium options with the lower price of economy options to ensure the best value for your school. Manufactured at just a few pence per piece by the nationally recognised and respected YPO brand, 100% satisfaction is assured with each and every pencil.

The Artist’s Choice
This pack of 24 pencils contains a selection of 24 vibrant colours, specially chosen to reflect the full spectrum that children will encounter in their everyday life. Alongside the more popular colours, there are also some unique tones that typical classroom pencil packs neglect, which are necessary for finer details in realistic artworks such as still life drawings and landscapes. With a greater choice of colours comes greater creative freedom that will transform a good artist into a great one.

Excellent Quality
Despite a low price, YPO Colouring Pencils are of exceptional quality, resisting breakage and providing smooth, even coverage better than any economy alternative. Colouring will be satisfying and relaxing for children as a result, with pencils lasting longer and less in need of sharpening. All leads are also strong and vibrant in colour, producing beautiful, impactful effects.

Compared to premium pencils that are made for more serious works of art, standard YPO Colouring Pencils are the perfect choice for where such quality and cost would be excessive. They are therefore ideal for general classroom activities, casual arts and crafts projects, and hobby use to save money whilst maintaining high quality.

For All Ages
Pencils are not just for kids! At standard size, the pencil body shape is easy to grip for all hand sizes - whether you are a child, parent, teacher, artist or hobbyist, these colouring pencils are suitable for all (3+).

Colours Included:
• White
• Grey
• Black
• Dark Brown
• Light Brown
• Maroon
• Red
• Fuchsia
• Dark Pink
• Light Pink
• Light Orange
• Amber
• Dark Orange
• Peach
• Yellow
• Cyan
• Turquoise
• Light Blue
• Dark Blue
• Navy
• Violet
• Purple
• Dark Green
• Light Green

Please note these colouring pencils are suitable for ages 3+.

For the same pencils in different pack sizes, please see the following: Pack of 144 - 728314; Pack of 288 - 728306 Pack of 24 - Assorted Colours

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