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Giotta Mega Coloured Pencils, 12 Assorted Colours – Pack of 144

  • Giotta Mega Coloured Pencils, 12 Assorted Colours – Pack of 144

Key Features:
• Extra thick 5.5mm lead for fast laydown of bold colour
• Highly pigmented leads with a bright, vivid colour range
• Mega 10mm barrel is easy for young children to grip
• Hexagonal shaped barrel helps perfect proper pencil grip
• Wood free barrel made from Styrene combined wirh Ethylenes,fillers, binders, waxes and pigments
• Pack of 144 – 12 x 12 assorted colours

Since 1920, Giotto have been the ultimate Italian brand when it comes to colouring pencils – so much so, the name has become a synonym for ‘colour’ for children! Over the past century however, Giotto have kept evolving to meet changing creative requirements and keep one step ahead. This evolution has culminated in the Mega range of colouring pencils, featuring extra thick lead and a large hexagonal barrel for easier and more enjoyable colouring for all.

Bulk Savings
As a huge classpack of 144, there are more than enough pencils to last the whole school year or longer, and enough of each colour to share between tables or groups. The handy cardboard box in which the pencils are supplied also contains a storage compartment for each colour, saving you money on alternative storage solutions.

Excellent Quality
Due to their high quality, Giotto colouring pencils are suitable for various applications across the classroom, office and home. The soft leads provide smooth, even coverage with a strong colour pay off – ideal for quickly colouring large areas – and make it possible to blend and shade with ease.

Despite a soft texture, the leads will not break easily, meaning the high pressure exerted by young children will not affect lifespan, and artists can add pressure for a darker tone with no reluctance. With break-resistant leads also comes less sharpening, so your pencils can last much longer in even the toughest of environments. Whether used by a child, a professional artist or a hobbyist, a stress-free experience is assured all round!

Made for Small Hands
The extra wide 10mm barrel makes the pencils easier to hold in the smaller hands of young children, whilst the hexagon shaped design facilitates proper pencil grip and greater accuracy when colouring. This design is recommended for children who are ready to move on from triangular pencils, having developed their fine motor skills enough for the precise movements and control a hexagonal pencil offers.

When pencils are easy and enjoyable to use, children will find colouring and drawing much more rewarding and feel encouraged to develop their skills over time.

Beautiful Colours
As well as practical, colouring pencils also need to be beautiful to encourage an interest in art – and they are. The highly pigmented leads cover a selection of 12 bright, vivid colours that are satisfying to use, and with a strong colour pay off, each finished artwork will leave a lasting impression.

Extra Thick Lead
The lead also compliments the pigments with its extra thick 5.5mm diameter, creating bolder and more eye-catching lines for outlining or lettering, and covering large areas quickly for block colouring.

Although these features are great for making colouring attractive, quick and easy for children, they are also appreciated by professional artists looking to produce high quality work in minimal time.

Colours Included:
•12 x Black
•12 x Brown
•12 x Purple
•12 x Dark blue
•12 x Light blue
•12 x Dark green
•12 x Light green
•12 x Light Pink
•12 x Dark Pink
•12 x Red
•12 x Orange
•12 x Yellow

For the same pencils in a pack of 12, please see the following: 700703

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