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Sparkly Merry Christmas Stickers, 28mm – Pack of 72 Stickers

Key Features:
•Sparkly stickers with variety of festive designs
•Encourage children to participate in class
•Great as a reward for good work
•Reinforce positive behaviour and build confidence
•High quality to provide an effective stick

Stickers are a low cost but effective way to put a smile on a child’s face and give them a sense of achievement that lasts the whole day. With a variety of festive designs and colours, there is something for everyone this Christmas!

Each pack contains 72 stickers in total, with 18 stickers on each of the 4 sheets.

Attractive Design
The stickers feature a range of Christmassy designs, including cute reindeers, friendly angels and tasty Christmas puddings on blue, red, yellow and green backgrounds. Each sticker also says ‘Merry Christmas!’ and has sparkly effect for some extra festive cheer that won’t be overlooked when stuck on a school jumper, book bag or exercise book.

With such a great variety, children are sure to find a design they love - and will feel compelled to do whatever it takes to earn it!

An Effective Classroom Tool
Children will love not only earning stickers, but proudly showing them off to their friends and family at the end of the school day. Despite being such a simple tool, stickers are a great way for children to build confidence in themselves and become better learners.

Use the stickers in class to encourage children to engage and participate with their answers, or give them as a reward to reinforce good work and positive behaviour that will become a habit for life.

Each sheet contains the following designs in various colours:
•2 x Reindeer
•2 x Penguin
•2 x Robin
•2 x Angel
•2 x Snowman
•2 x Stocking
•2 x Christmas Pudding
•2 x Tree
•1 x Present
•1 x Crackers

Each pack contains 4 sheets of 18 stickers, totalling 72 stickers.

Each sticker is 28mm in diameter.