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Pritt Power Glue Stick, 19.5g - Each

Pritt Power combines the strength of an all-purpose glue with the convenience, ease and accuracy of a glue stick! It is multi-purpose and can be used to effectively glue wood, metal, ceramics, plastic, polystyrene, photographs, fabric and much more to a surpringly professional degree. It is also fast setting at just 15 seconds to help you finish your projects quicker.

Each Pritt Power stick is acid free, solvent-free and washable at 40c.

The tubes of all Pritt Glue Sticks are 100% recyclable as they are made from PP5 plastics. This material is recyclable by 79% of UK councils. Please check online first if your council collects and recycles this waste, otherwise there are recycle points in each city/town. Each pack contains one 19.5g Power Pritt stick.

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