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Clear Wrap Fixers, Self-Adhesive – Pack of 400 Stickers

Key Features:
•Self-adhesive stickers – great alternative to sticky tape
•Improve presentation with a neat, consistent look
•Suitable for children who can’t cut tape unsupervised
•Easy to peel and stick when hands are full
•Use for wrapping gifts, sealing envelopes and crafting
•Pack of 400 wrap fixers with a clear circular design

These clear wrap fixers make a fantastic, less fiddly alternative to sticky tape! Use them on gift wrapping and envelopes for a solid seal, or on arts and craft projects for improved presentation, convenience, and ease of use.

Quick and Easy
When wrapping presents and gift packaging with sticky tape, we all know how frustrating it can be trying to find the end. With these self-adhesive wrap fixers however, it is easy to peel each pre-cut clear circle from its sheet, making wrapping a much easier, quicker and more enjoyable process.

Wrap Fixers vs Tape
Compared to tape, seasonal gift-wrappers will not need to buy an entire roll that will sit in their drawer collecting dust for another year. Children who are not old enough to use scissors are also recommended to use wrap fixers instead of tape, as this will not require adult supervision and will afford them greater freedom in their activities and projects.

Those who use tape often – such as businesses specialising in bespoke or handmade gifts like confectionary and soap – will greatly improve their product presentation with clear, circular wrap fixers, and find the packaging process much quicker, easier and more consistent. As this could help produce a higher turnover of quality products for improved profits and customer satisfaction, wrap fixers are undeniably of great value despite their simplicity.

Aside from wrapping paper and packaging, the wrap fixers are also extremely useful during craft projects that often leave your hands full and unable to tear off tape as needed. They will instead help your projects appear much neater and professionally made compared to inconsistent strips of tape.

Wrap fixers are also suitable for sealing envelopes. By eliminating the need to lick your envelopes closed, you can help prevent the spread of germs including bacteria and viruses, ensure a solid seal every time, and avoid the taste of envelope glue!

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