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AugmentifyIt®? ELEMENTS Augmented Reality (AR) Quiz Game

  • AugmentifyIt®? ELEMENTS Augmented Reality (AR) Quiz Game

Multi-award-winning educational cards that bring science learning to life by the power of augmented reality technology, through free AR app AugmentifyIt®?. 24 card pack including 18 image cards: Hydrogen; Carbon; Nitrogen; Oxygen; Fluorine; Sodium; Magnesium; Silicon; Phosphorus; Sulphur; Chlorine; Potassium; Calcium; Chromium; Iron; Zinc; Selenium; Iodine. Welcome / Instructions card; How To Play/ Ways To Play/ Tips for Parents, Carers, Teachers; The Periodic Table Of Me Card; Discover AugmentifyIt®? card; Extra Facts card; Glossary card. Discover and explore 18 of the most important and common ELEMENTS of the Periodic Table, that make up and keep humans alive. From Reception through to Year 8. Age 3+: Use as interactive flashcards for an early introduction to science & STEM/ STEAM vocabulary. Age 6+: Read facts. Play quizzes. Play to learn as individuals/ groups. All Ages: Play and learn with/ without app.