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AugmentifyIt Space Quiz Game

Multi-award-winning educational cards that bring science learning to life by the power of augmented reality technology, through free AR app AugmentifyIt®.
24 card pack including 18 image cards: Sun; Mercury; Venus; Earth; Mars; Jupiter; Saturn; Uranus; Neptune; Pluto; Moon; Asteroid; Milky Way Galaxy; Black Hole; Gravitational Waves; Ganymede; Io; Enceladus. Welcome / Instructions card; How To Play/ Ways To Play/ Tips for Teachers; Discover AugmentifyIt®? card; Extra Facts I card; Extra Facts II card; Glossary card. Discover and explore SPACE and our Solar System, from Nursery & Reception through to Year 8. Age 3+: Use as interactive flashcards for an early introduction to science & STEM/ STEAM vocabulary. Age 6+: Read facts. Play quizzes. Play to learn as individuals/ groups. All Ages: Play and learn with/ without app. Space