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YPO Adhesive Spray – 400ml Aerosol Can


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Key Features:
•High tack – strong hold, lasting secure bond
•Versatile – arts and crafts use as well as DIY
•Suitable for paper, card, fabrics, leather, wood and more
•Dries fast to a clear finish with no lumps and doesn’t yellow with age
•Cover large areas quickly and with no mess

Compared to spreading glue with a spreader or glue stick, adhesive spray helps you cover large areas quickly, easily and with much less mess. Drying to a subtle, clear finish, and suitable for general use on a wide range of materials, YPO Adhesive Spray is a fantastic tool to have in any classroom, workplace or home.

YPO Quality
YPO Adhesive Spray ensures you are never left with unsightly, white, lumpy glue on your important projects, instead drying quickly to a clear, professional finish that doesn’t bleed through or wrinkle thin materials like paper and won’t yellow with age.

It is a high tack adhesive, meaning it will bond materials strongly, securely, and for a very long time, adding higher quality and a longer lifespan to your finished product.

Quick and easy to dispense over large areas and suitable for a wide range of materials, adhesive spray helps you complete any project efficiently - in arts and crafts and beyond.

Although ideal for bonding art materials, making props, or finishing displays, murals and large canvases, YPO Adhesive Spray finds many versatile uses outside of arts and crafts. As a general use spray, it is commonly used for holding flooring or carpets in place, as well as bonding acoustic foam to walls, holding fabrics before sewing, fixing furniture, and other light DIY applications.

Its versatility is a result of its ability to stick on paper, card, metal, plastic, fabric, leather and wood – amongst other materials – as well as its fast drying and simple, quick application that requires no glue spreaders, water or palettes. In fact, adhesive spray dries in a matter of minutes so you can use multiple coats and complete your projects in a flash when time is scarce.

A general purpose, versatile adhesive spray is a must in any classroom or home – and with fantastic value that challenges the leading brand, there is no better alternative than YPO Adhesive Spray.

Please note: as a general use spray, this product is best suited to craft use, lightweight materials, and non-load-bearing household use.

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