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Children’s Scissors, Right & Left Handed – 32 Pair Classpack with Storage Block.

Key Features:
• Child sized design is easy for small hands to control
• Stainless steel blades will not rust
• Rounded blade for safety
• 5cm ruler for accurate cutting
• Pack of 32 – 28 right-handed, 4 left-handed
• Includes wooden storage block

This excellent value classpack contains 32 pairs of scissors within a wooden storage block for general classroom use. With 28 pairs of right-handed scissors and 4 pairs of left-handed scissors, all children can join in the fun of arts and crafts. Recommended for use by children aged 4 and above.

As a basic classroom scissor pack, the blades are best suited to general use and simple arts and crafts activities involving the cutting of paper, card or cloth, although each blade is marked with a 5cm ruler for more precise work. Sharper blades for cutting other materials are not recommended for children, as they typically overlook the safety features that are fundamental to the design of classroom scissors.

Child Safe
These scissors have been carefully designed with children in mind; with a rounded blade, there is low risk of accidents when in use, walking with scissors in hand, or even when left out on a table

The small handle loops, short overall length (5”/125mm) and lightweight design are also ideal for younger children learning to grip and control scissors, and will result in greater accuracy that builds confidence and an interest in arts and crafts. There is little risk of dropping the scissors and getting hurt due to this design, which also remains comfortable when used by adults who are demonstrating their use.

The scissors are supplied with a durable wooden block for organised and secure storage, which will hold all 32 pairs in its drilled holes. Scissors are stored with the blades pointing down for safety and easy removal via the handles.

Scissors can be identified by their colour – right-handed pairs have red handles, and left-handed pairs have green and yellow handles. As this is a standard amongst classroom scissors, children will have no problem quickly selecting a pair from the wooden block.

With comfortably soft plastic handles and high-quality, sharp stainless steel blades, cutting through paper, card or cloth becomes an easy and satisfying task. In fact, stainless steel retains its sharp edge much longer than alternatives, and can withstand years of use before needing replacement!

As these types of blades will not rust, they can also safely be used on artwork containing wet glue or paint without the risk of permanent damage. For such a low price, there is no better quality when it comes to classroom scissors. Pack of 32 - 28 right handed and 4 left handed with block.

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