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Air Dough, Assorted Colours – Tub of 4 x 226g Dough Balls

Key Features:
•Super lightweight, clean and non-toxic – perfect for children
•Air dries overnight for a strong finished product
•Dries to a softer, less brittle finish than clay and retains some pliability
•Soft and easy to manipulate like plasticine
•Can be decorated with paint, pen or varnish

Air Dough is a clean, air-drying, super lightweight modelling dough designed with children in mind. Like regular dough, Air Dough is easy to mould and manipulate to produce high quality designs in no time at all. However, it will also air-dry overnight to retain its shape, with a softer, less-brittle finish than clay. The perfect middle ground between plasticine and clay, Air Dough is a wonderful versatile medium that children will love!

Beneficial for Children
Air Dough is ideal for teaching children the principles of working in 3D, modelling and sculpture. It can be used to create anything you like, whether that is your favourite animal, a friend, a TV character or an inanimate object.

The fun and unique experience of working with their hands also develops children’s imagination and creative expression by forcing them to think outside the box compared to other artistic mediums. This is particularly important for early years development, and provides a welcome change to older children where their interest in art may have diminished.

Why Air Dough?
Unlike regular dough that is sticky and heavy, air dough is unbelievably light, mess-free and easy to clean up. It won’t adhere to fabric or carpet or leave residue on hands, making it perfect for schools or the home, and is non-toxic for safe use by young children.

Thanks to it lightweight, soft formulation, Air Dough is also easy to mould and join together, and holds its shape well when finished. For larger models, a wire frame is recommended for extra support.

When in use, the dough can be stretched, pinched, or rolled out very thin, and imprints very well with hands, modelling tools, knives, pastry cutters, coins, leaves and other items to create the perfect pattern or texture. You can also combine colours to create new tones or add glitter for a sparkly finish – the possibilities are endless!

Air Drying
Air Dough will air dry overnight – no kiln required – leaving you with a strong, lightweight finished product that retains some pliability for minor improvements. Where ordinary clay yields articles that are too heavy or brittle for your needs, Air Dough is a much more suitable choice.

Once dried for a minimum of 24 hours, you can decorate your creations with pens, paint or varnish for impressive, fine detail that is unachievable with dough alone. This is useful for Claymation, intricate character designs, and personalised pieces that have been produced in bulk.

Overall, Air Dough proves a highly versatile product that is as perfect for use in classrooms as it is professional art studios. Choose this 4-colour 1kg tub as a starter pack that saves money for the cost-conscious consumer.

Colours Included:

The primary colours provided are perfect for mixing together to create new tones – see what colours you can make!

Gluten free. Suitable for ages 3+. Keep unused dough sealed in the tub provided to prevent drying out. .