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Pritt Compact Glue Roller 16m Refill – For Permanent Refillable Roller


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Key Features:
•Roller-Action – applies glue tape in a straight, controlled line for accuracy
•Honeycomb cells enable superb permanent adhesion
•Adheres to a variety of material from paper to wood, plastic, glass and more
•Avoid using messy, stringy glue that can bleed into unwanted areas
•Instant dry time
•Quick and easy application from refillable, compact roller
•16m refill tape – for the Pritt Compact Glue Roller (Permanent, Refillable edition)

This 16m refill allows you to refill your existing permanent Pritt Compact Glue Roller so you can save money and reduce plastic waste. The Pritt Compact Glue Roller uses a glue tape with honeycomb cells that enable clean and precise application and superb, permanent adhesion. With the ability to adhere to appear, wood, plastic and even glass, the glue roller is more versatile than alternative solutions of the market, and provides the ideal, mess-free glue alternative in schools, offices and the home.

This refill is made for use with your existing permanent Pritt Compact Glue Roller. By re-using the roller, you will reduce plastic waste and help save the planet whilst also saving money for your school.

The refill can be easily inserted by pressing a lever on the housing, the simply removing the side of the roller, then the old roll inside, and finally inserting the new one in its place. This process takes a matter of seconds, so once you can click the roller back together you can immediately start using it again!

Roller Mechanism
The Pritt Compact Glue Roller uses a mini roller applicator to produce straight, consistent lines of glue tape to a surface. Coverage is in consistent amounts to prevent the spilling, running, clogging, stringing, or uneven outcomes of alternative glue products, making sure your work is finished looking neat, professional and as envisioned.

Honeycomb Tape
Compared to other glues, the Pritt Compact Glue Roller also makes sticking your projects quicker and easier with its instant dry time. This is thanks to the unique honeycomb structure of the glue tape, which also creates superb, permanent adhesion to ensure your projects stay intact for their rest of their life.

As it is a tape, it will stick to a variety of surfaces where other glues don’t. This includes paper, cardboard, photos, wood, plastic, synthetic material and even glass! As a result, Pritt Compact Glue Rollers are the ideal choice for arts and crafts and scrapbooking, as well as general use in a school, home or office.

For All Ages
With easy application and less mess than glue, the Compact Glue Roller ideal for use by children. Its compact body is also easy for small hands to hold, and is designed to traverse the surface in a straight line for maximum precision. There is a self-correcting wind-up mechanism too to prevent the tape getting tangled inside.

Not only will children prefer using this glue, but teachers and parents will have less to worry about too - never again will you have to peel glue from your children’s hands, clothes or furniture!

The Compact Glue Roller is additionally suitable for office and home use where application is brief, compared to alternative solutions that may require additional resources like water or glue spreaders for example.

Intelligent Design
The compact roller will easily fit in a pen pot - as well as a pencilcase or bag for on the go use - and comes with a protective cap to prevent accidental application and maintain the glue’s quality.

The roller itself can be easily opened to refill, helping you reduce plastic waste once it is empty. The housing is made from 50% recycled plastic, and is also 100% recyclable for when you do decide to discard it.

•Width: 8.4mm
•Length: 16m

The honeycomb cells are not visible – image for illustrative purposes only. Will appear clear like glue. For best results, apply the tape at a 45° angle.

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