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YPO 3-in-1 Jumbo Colouring Crayons, Assorted Colours – Pack of 10

Key Features:
•3-in-1 design – use as a colouring pencil, wax crayon or watercolour
•Designed for ages 1+ - jumbo body and XXL 10mm lead
•Unbreakable lead with exceptional coverage and rich colour application
•Applies to smooth surfaces including windows and can be easily removed
•Save money and introduce new techniques

These 3-in-1 Jumbo Colouring Crayons by YPO are a brilliant versatile tool that should feature in budding artist’s repertoire! Designed specifically for children aged 1+, they are great for introducing and experimenting with various techniques, working equally well as a colouring pencil, wax crayon and watercolour. As a YPO own-brand product, high quality is assured with each and every crayon for maximum satisfaction and brilliant cost savings.

An All Rounder
This versatile 3-in-1 crayon is ideal for helping children discover and experiment with the mediums they like best without splashing out on multiple resources. Use the crayons blunt for wax colouring techniques, sharpened for pencil-precision, or with water for a painted watercolour look – or combine all 3 to make a mixed media masterpiece!

Children can also discover various techniques such as scratching and frottage, or blend the colours with their fingers for a pastel effect. This helps create delicate colour transitions and even discover new colours that will keep children engaged and curious about art.

Uniquely Versatile
These crayons are unique in that they can be used on almost any material. Besides paper and card, they can be used on smooth surfaces such as glass windows, Perspex panels, wellington boots, ceramic crockery and much more without permanent damage, proving easy to wipe off without a trace once done! Just use a little bit of water.

Children will love decorating windows and whatever else they can get their hands on for special events like Christmas, Easter, Remembrance Day or Children In Need, and will be able to do so freely and safely so everybody stays happy.

With high opacity, denseness and colour intensity, the colours will show up exceptionally well on cardboard and really pop on dark surfaces too – the world is your canvas!

Made For Toddlers
Although the versatility is ideal even for the mature artist, these crayons are specifically designed for children ages 1-4. This is primarily due to the chunky, round body shape, which ergonomically fits small hands for comfortable grip and effortless control.

Another feature is the XXL thick 10mm soft lead, which is unbreakable to withstand even the toughest classrooms, whether dropped, thrown on the floor, or used with high pressure. This makes them not only less frustrating to use, but much longer lasting than alternatives for schools on a budget.

The thick 10mm lead is equivalent to that of 8 standard colouring pencils, and creates ultra-thick marks with each soft stroke. This allows children to cover large areas quickly and effortlessly for maximum satisfaction and fun.

A Pretty Picture
Each pack contains 10 brilliant, bright colours, specially selected for their simplicity, familiarity, and sensory benefit. The sensory experience gained from the bright, eye-catching colours - along with the introduction to arts and crafts - is vital to brain development and will build the foundations for their later learning. Familiar colours will also encourage toddlers and young children to artistically recreate what they can see around them, as well as whatever they can imagine.

Practical Design
With soft leads that glide smoothly across the surface, the exceptionally high covering capacity and rich, dense colour application of YPO Jumbo 3-in-1 Crayons makes them just as good as the leading brand. When you don’t want to pay for a brand name, YPO own-brand crayons are the best value option for your school.

The crayons also use a sparsely designed wooden body, selected not only for comfort, but to reduce your carbon footprint. All wood is sourced from PEFC certified forests.

Colours Included:
•Dark Green
•Light Green

Each pack also includes a free pencil sharpener.

2 year guarantee. .

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