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YPO Jumbo Triangular Colouring Pencils, Toddler Safe, Assorted Colours - Pack of 10

Key Features:
• Designed specifically for toddlers aged 2+
• Maximum safety – wood-free, rounded tip and dermatologically tested
• Jumbo barrel for toddlers to easily grip
• Triangular shaped barrel introduces pencil grip technique
• Strong, vibrant coloured leads

YPO Colouring Pencils carefully balance the higher quality of premium options with the lower price of economy options to ensure the best value for your school. These jumbo triangular pencils can be easily gripped and controlled by young children who are learning to fine tune their colouring skills, and are specifically designed for maximum safety for toddlers. At just a few pence per piece, 100% satisfaction is assured with each and every YPO own brand pencil.

Maximum Safety
These colouring pencils have been specifically designed for safe and easy use by toddlers aged 24 months and older. As a wood-free pencil, children will not get splinters, and breakage is minimised under the high pressure exerted when colouring. This means less frustration, less sharpening, and a longer lasting, better value pencil.

The broad tip is also rounded for maximum safety, with the added benefit of covering large areas quickly and effortlessly. Young children will therefore find colouring in a more relaxing and rewarding experience, helping them develop an interest in art and the self-expression and skill development that come with it.

The pencil lead is dermatologically tested for safe use on human skin. As accidents are inevitable with toddlers, this is vital in a colouring pencil.

Made for Small Hands
The chunky, jumbo barrel makes the pencils easier to hold for those with smaller hands, particularly when learning to colour in for the first time. The pencils are also triangular shaped for greater control and to help perfect the pencil grip before moving onto hexagonal varieties which require greater levels of fine motor skill.

A Pretty Picture
Each pack contains 10 popular, vibrant colours, specially selected to reflect the full spectrum that children will encounter in their everyday life. This will give them the freedom to draw whatever they can imagine, with no bounds to hold back their creativity.

Compared to other colouring pencils, the colours in this range are brighter and more basic for the sensory benefit to toddlers, emphasising an eye-catching appearance moreso than precision and accuracy in artwork. The highly pigmented leads will provide smooth, even coverage with beautiful, impactful results.

A pack of 10 colouring pencils is the perfect size for individual use or sharing between small groups in a class. The pencils are supplied in a handy cardboard storage box with a plastic storage insert, so getting them out, packing them away, or travelling with them is no trouble at all.

Colours Included:
•Light Green
•Dark Green
•Light Blue
•Dark Blue

Please note these colouring pencils are suitable for ages 24 months+. Recommended use aged 2-5 years.