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Fine Glitter, Assorted Colours – Carton of 24 x 7g Phials

Key Features:
• Fine glitter – professional, flatter look than alternative glitter flakes
• Pinholed 7g phial – higher accuracy for a professional look to your work
• Easy and controlled dispensing that reduces waste
• 8 assorted vibrant colours
• Carton of 24 Phials

Only glitter can add bright, colourful, sparkly magic to your crafts in an instant – and none moreso than fine glitter! This fine glitter by Bright Ideas will effortlessly leave your crafts, cards, collages and more with an unbeatable professional-looking finish, making it perfect for all ages and abilities. Limited only by your imagination, fine glitter is a great value essential for classrooms, out of school clubs, offices and the home.

Convenient Dispensing
Whilst children find endless fun in using glitter, for adults, it can often be a nightmare. However, Bright Ideas supply their glitter in individual miniature 7g phials with pinholed lids for precise application. This ensures glitter can be dispensed to extreme accuracy, not only improving ease of use and the quality of your project, but reducing mistakes and spillages too. By cutting down on mess and waste, this glitter will stretch further to help you save money.

For All Ages
Fine glitter is suitable for all ages not only due to its versatility as a medium, but its practicality.

The fine appearance gives your arts and crafts a professional finish, leaving behind flatter and richer-looking patterns that blend in with the rest of the piece compared to standard, bulky glitter flakes. The pinhole opening also makes dispensing more accurate for professional artwork, and much easier to use for children who would otherwise pour glitter in the wrong place. The small phials are also easy for small hands to hold, again allowing children to effortlessly create works they can be proud of, and can be easily stored amongst lots of other art equipment.

Made from plastic, each phial is break-resistant compared to glass alternatives, making them safe for children or in busy art studios whereas breakages may be a risk. They will also fasten tightly to reduce spillages, and can be refilled with glitter from a larger jar to reduce plastic waste once done.

You can use fine glitter for a variety of projects including scrapbooking, collages, displays, greetings cards or Christmas decorations – and with an assortment of 8 different colours there are no limitations! The glitter is suitable for gluing onto paper, card, fabric and many other materials to ensure all your drawings, displays and costumes can be enhanced with glittery sparkle!

The Perfect Size
At just 7g each, these phials are ideal for neatly storing, carrying in a pencilcase, or handing out to children for individual use. They are also a great size for crafters, personal use or seasonal use where a larger shaker tub of glitter is too much!

As the glitter is finer than alternatives, more is able to fit in each phial, and so this glitter will stretch much further if you are looking to save money.

Colours Included:
•4 x Gold
•4 x Silver
•4 x Red
•3 x Green
•3 x Blue
•2 x Black
•2 x Pink (Cerise)
•2 x Purple

24 phials of glitter included in total.

Supplied in an attractive acetate carton. .