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Bostik Blu Tack, 120g – Pack of 12


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Key Features:
• Unbeatable quality from the leading brand
• Reusable adhesive for displays and arts & crafts
• 1000s of uses around the classroom or office
• Clean and grease-free formula means no staining
• Instantly recognisable – low ingestion risk for children

Blu Tack by Bostik is the original re-useable adhesive for your home, office or school. With decades of experience and innovation under their belt, Bostik offer the highest quality and best-selling Blu Tack on the market, perfect for displaying posters, cards, paintings and decorations, and holding down model parts on 3D projects. It is clean, safe and won’t dry out so you can use it time and time again in thousands of different ways.

Why Blu Tack?
Blu Tack is the best solution for materials and surfaces that would otherwise rip with tape or become permanently damaged with pins. This makes it perfect for sticking delicate paper and card onto wallpaper, wood, or tabletops for example, for a temporary period.

Unlike pins, Blu Tack is also cheaper, safer and unbreakable, and unlike tape, is reusable and easy to reposition or remove.

Perfect for Projects
During modelling or complex art projects, alternative non-permanent adhesives may not be strong enough to hold down certain objects – such as wood – and may also interfere with the appearance of the artwork. With the custom shaping and stretching of Blu Tack however, the placement of the adhesive can be optimised for effectiveness, and objects can be held in place without interference for a more professional finish.

Blu vs White
White tack has become increasingly popular since its conception due to its supposed reduction in residual stains. However, Bostik’s high-quality formula is equally clean and grease-free, even when stuck for long periods of time.

The use of Blu Tack is also a safety issue. In environments where there are young children, Blu Tack is extremely unique and easy to identify, whereas white tack may be confused for chewing gum and mistakenly ingested. In environments with older children on the other hand, children may discard gum in the strangest of places, leading to a sticky situation for teachers searching for spare white tack!

Did You Know?
It may come as a surprise, but Blu Tack is not just for sticking! It can be used during art projects as a kneaded eraser, be moulded into characters or used for drafting stop motion animation, placed on a screw head for a better hold with a screwdriver, or even for picking up dust in awkward nooks and crannies!

With endless possibilities and long term reusability, no office or classroom is complete without Blu Tack!

Includes 12 x 120g blocks of Blu Tack.

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By Anonymous, Unknown on 19/08/2019

A good quality product at a competitive prices ce.

By ADMIN OFFICE, on 04/02/2019

Very Good - great reliable product.

By Anonymous, Unknown on 12/09/2016


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