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Pentel Roll’n Glue, Jumbo 55ml Bottles – Pack of 24 & Free Pastels


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Key Features:
•Roller-Action – applies glue in controlled amounts with smooth, even coverage
•More accurate than other methods of glue application
•Less mess – perfect for children or on professional projects
•Water-based glue – odourless, safe, can be repositioned until dry for accuracy
•For use on paper and light card
•Pack of 24 – includes one free pack of 12 x Pentel Oil Pastels

Pentel Roll’n Glue is a water-based glue applied with a convenient roller-action for simple, accurate, and mess-free use. The bottle is easy to use for all ages, and requires no additional resources to facilitate instant use in classrooms, offices and the home. The water-based formula is also safe, odourless and easily repositioned on paper and light card. For smooth, even coverage in a simple and economical package, Pentel Roll’n Glue is the solution for you.

Convenient Roller-Action
The Pentel Roll’n Glue uses a rubber roller for application, which creates friction on the page for smooth, even coverage in controlled amounts. It will apply accurately to the users intentions as the roller will not slip and the glue will not bleed into the surrounding area, instead gluing only exactly where applied in the ideal quantity.

For All Ages
With easy application and less mess than ordinary glue, the Roll’n Glue is ideal for use by children. Not only will children prefer using this glue, but teachers and parents will have less to worry about too! No more will you have to peel glue from your children’s hands, clothes or furniture.

Roll’n Glue is also suitable for office and home use where application is brief, compared to alternative solutions that may require additional resources like water or glue spreaders for example. The compact bottle will easily fit in a pen pot, pencilcase or bag for on the go use as well, and comes with a lid to prevent accidental application.

As a water-based glue, Pentel Roll’n Glue is odourless and much safer than alternatives, again making it suitable for children, but also comfortable for adults to use over long periods too. This makes it ideal for long days of arts and crafts or school and work projects, particularly as it is best applied to paper and light card.

Unlike other glues, this water-based glue ensures items can be repositioned until dry, giving you time to perfect your projects to optimal accuracy. Whether you are going for that professional look or just tend to make a lot of mistakes, this glue is as convenient as can be.

This classpack of 24 Roll’n Glue bottles also includes one free pack of 12 x Pentel Oil Pastels for you to try out. .

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