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Daler-Rowney System3 Acrylic Paint, Cadmium Red – 500ml Bottle


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Key Features:
•Premium student-grade acrylic with creamy consistency
•Highly pigmented for good coverage, consistent opacity and vivid colour
•Medium bodied – can produce oil or watercolour effect. No brushstrokes
•Semi-opaque – easy blending and layering that adds depth
•Suitable for indoor or outdoor use on wide range of surfaces
•Quick drying and lightfast

Daler-Rowney are widely considered one of the greatest paint manufacturers in Europe, and they have a long, pioneering heritage to show for it. Since 1783, Daler-Rowney have manufactured their paints in England from only the highest quality pigments to ensure you reach and exceed your expectations in all your creative endeavours. Choose System3 for a water-based acrylic paint that goes further for your school.

What is Acrylic Paint?
Acrylics are the preferred choice in schools for their versatility, durability and solvent-free, low-toxicity formulas, and provide a great alternative to traditional oil-based paints. As a water-based paint, Daler-Rowney System3 Acrylics can be applied easily, used either by squeezing straight from tube, or thinning with more water for greater coverage. With either method, the buttery consistency and excellent adhesion of System3 will allow the paint to glide over a surface in large, sweeping strokes, leaving behind bold, strong colours that are guaranteed to turn heads.

Medium Bodied
As a medium-bodied acrylic, these paints are highly versatile to give children and hobbyists the chance to experiment with different techniques. Using the paint straight from the tube will create a 3D impasto texture similar to oil painting, whereas diluting the paint will create a watercolour consistency for backgrounds or shading. It is also possible to mix colours for a marbled effect or layer them to create blocks and strong lines.

With superior pigment loading, the colours of these acrylics will remain just as vivid and opaque when covering large areas - even if mixed with water - helping you to quickly lay down colour and stretch your resources much further.

Medium-bodied acrylics are also less viscous than alternatives and will not leave visible brush strokes in your work, instead achieving a smoother effect throughout and helping juxtaposing colours to blend more naturally.

The semi-opaque look also allows colours to be juxtaposed or superimposed more naturally, perfect for those who enjoy blending or layering their work. This will give your art more depth, and avoids the drowning out of colours that occurs with more opaque paints. Compared to more transparent paints, semi-opaque acrylics will retain their depth and vivid, impactful colour as they do this.

Ultimate Versatility
Acrylics can be applied to virtually any surface – from traditional fine art surfaces such as paper, board and canvas, to concrete, wood and even plastic. This makes them ideal for mixed media use, outdoor murals, or classrooms where needs are expected to be versatile.

With fast-drying properties, students with limited time will especially appreciate System3 Acrylic Paints. Quick drying paint allows artists to stay ‘in the zone’ and remain creative and productive for longer in class, immediately juxtaposing colours or painting over dry layers as they wish. The paint will dry to a water-resistant finish so you can add new layers with confidence - and if time does run out - artwork can be rolled up and stored away to finish later without the paint cracking or smudging.

The vibrant Cadmium Red pigment is also highly lightfast with high permanence to stand the test of time, so all artwork remains as beautiful as the day it was created. This is ideal for long term use, sunlit rooms, or even use outdoors where the paint will resist both sun and rain. .

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