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YPO Powder Paint, Brilliant Red – 9kg Tub

YPO are proud to present our very own range of powder paints! These paints are a favourite in schools due to their versatile, convenient and economical nature – but don’t let that fool you; YPO Powder Paints offer high quality equal to that of standard ready-mix paints, including leading brands.

How Do I Use Powder Paint?
We’re glad you asked. Simply mix the powder with water to activate, using different ratios for different effects; whether you want a thick, opaque finish or a washed-out watercolour effect, powder paints provide it all. This particular powder creates a vivid, rich red paint that can also be mixed with PVA glue for a magnificent, attention-grabbing glossy finish.

Why Powder Paint?
YPO Powder Paint saves money due to its long lifespan compared to alternatives that can dry out over time, such as acrylic. It can also be measured accurately in teaspoons, grams or millilitres to control the amount used. This helps not only ration out the paint, again saving money, but makes it easier for students to re-create the same consistency and shade again and again when working over a series of days.

For teachers, YPO Powder Paint is especially convenient with a clear storage bucket to easily monitor when replenishment is required, complete with handle to easily carry out of storage. Tubs are re-usable for other art supplies once empty - a helpful little extra for those schools on a tight budget. When spilt on hard surfaces, powder paint will easily clean off after drying.

All paints in this range are wheat and gluten free.

For other colours in the 9kg YPO Powder Paint range, please see the following items: White – 733695; Lemon – 733709; Black – 733792; Cyan Blue – 733776; Brilliant Yellow – 733717; Brilliant Green – 733741; Brilliant Blue – 733733

• A favourite amongst schools due to its economical and versatile nature, whereby the only ingredient to create a good quality paint is water
• Just mix with water until the desired consistency is reached or add PVA to increase flexibility and produce glossier effects Brilliant red

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