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YPO Ready Mixed Fluorescent Paint, Orange – 600ml Bottle

YPO are proud to present our very own range of ready mixed paint, an essential specifically designed for classroom use. Although artists of all ages and abilities enjoy the gorgeous aesthetic achieved by this paint, the unmatched practical benefits have made it a particularly popular option in almost every learning environment. Choose YPO Ready Mixed Paint for unbelievable cost savings with the same quality as leading brands.

What is Ready Mixed Paint?
Ready mixed paint is a standard, universal paint option that is popular in both art-specific and non-art specific classrooms alike. It is notable for its similarities to acrylic paint, with only the most seasoned artists using professional techniques able to discern the two.

Like acrylic, ready mixed paint is a water-based liquid with a smooth, creamy consistency, and doesn’t require water to activate. Despite this, water may still be used to thin it out for a paler effect perfect for backgrounds or shading. Each bottle is super clear to reveal vivid and seductive fluorescent colour, and features a convenient flip top cap so teachers can easily monitor and control the use of the paint.

A major benefit of ready mixed paint is the opacity; highly regarded as far superior in opacity to any other paint, it allows artists to create clear outlines, colours, and layers with ease. Although thick enough to provide good coverage, ready mixed paint is thinner and more liquid than acrylic. This means children will particularly find it straightforward and pleasant to use when creating a simple image that doesn’t require the complexity of depth and texture, nor in fact the patience that comes with repeatedly dipping a brush into thicker paints. For younger children learning to paint, this easy-use option is also a sure way of keeping them interested in the activity long term.

The dazzling fluorescent orange tone dries to a matte finish for a vivid and satisfying appearance at all angles, and dries quicker than other paints for optimal classroom use. Unlike standard paints, fluorescent orange appears extra bright in sunlight and glows when under UV light for an exciting and unique look. For a thicker or more glossy finish, the paint will easily intermix with PVA glue without overly de-saturating the colour.

Ready mixed paint is also referred to as poster paint as it works best on paper, carboard and poster-boards. As an all-round paint however, its low cost and clear appearance also make it ideal for sponge painting or papier-mâché with newspaper print, without having to waste more expensive specialist paints. Generally, crafts, non-permanent projects, and casual art activities are where you will find the best use for this paint.

As children can often be messy when working on a masterpiece, rest assured that YPO Ready Mixed Paint is not permanent and can easily be removed from surfaces when spilled.

All paints in this range are wheat and gluten free.

For other colours in the 600ml YPO Ready Mixed Fluorescent Paint range, please see the following items: Assorted Colours – 756679; Green – 737186; Blue - 77068X; Yellow – 737151; Red - 73716X; Pink – 737232

• Rich colour with smooth, creamy consistency
• Ready to use with a dazzling fluorescent colour, extra bright in sunlight and will glow under UV light!
• Convenient dispensing
• YPO Own Brand - offering excellent value for money, giving a cost saving against the leading brands while still maintaining quality Orange

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