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Recycled Craft Rolls - Pack of 24

• Roll out terrific treasures with these Sturdy Recycled Craft Rolls!
• 11.4cm long x 4.5cm diameter each. 24 natural brown, 1mm thick rolls
• Smooth, clean surface
• Thicker and stronger than standard rolls!
• Ready to use
• So easy to work with
• Create binoculars, puppets, megaphones, animals and more!
• Made from recycled cardboard
• Timesaving - craft rolls provide a wonderful, ready-to-use project base!
• Why are these Sturdy Recycled Craft Rolls the perfect complement to your Arts and Crafts curriculum?
• Targets Curriculum Content Area for Cognitive Development in Creative Expression and Appreciation for the Arts
• Excellent for practicing fine motor skills
• Provides children with varied opportunities to develop and widen artistic skills
• Perfect for engaging kids in collaborative art projects
• Targets Curriculum Content Area for Social/Emotional Development when used for collaborative projects; gives children the opportunity to interact positively, respectfully, and cooperatively with others, in addition to learning from one another and resolving conflicts in constructive ways Pack of 24

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