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Nativity Stencils, Assorted Designs – Pack of 6

Key Features:
• Ideal for adding detail quickly, easily and consistently
• Great in classrooms where time is short or businesses producing bespoke items and packaging
• Plastic – durable, easy to clean
• Flexible for use on curved surfaces
• Versatile - accepts any medium and can be used on any surface
• Pack of 6 nativity themed stencils

In schools where various mediums are used and children have different preferences, stencils are by far the best choice for arts and crafts. Made from durable, flexible plastic, the stencils will accept any artistic medium, making them suitable for stencilling on an endless variety of surfaces, from paper to fabric, metal, plastic and even wood!

With 6 nativity-themed motifs to choose from, there is plenty of variety for artists to recreate their vision, whether that be depicting a classic nativity scene or embellishing their Christmas crafts!

Stencils are perfect for young children who want to create a detailed scene but do not yet have the drawing skills to make one of their own. They are also easy to hold and use accurately and help children decorate much faster when time is short.

On the other hand, with quick, accurate and consistent motifs guaranteed, stencils are a wise choice for artists and crafters of all ages to produce professional looking pieces in bulk - whether for business or pleasure.

Perfect for Christmas
These particular stencils are ideal for embellishing drawings, crafts, pottery and costumes with bold, stand-out festive motifs, or adding patterns and scenery to greetings cards, wrapping paper, gift packaging and Christmas displays.

The stencils contain an angel, a shepherd, a stable, animals, stars, baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph and three wise men – everything you need for a classic nativity scene! This wide variety is sure to have something for everyone and will help children get creative with new designs they would not normally draw.

Plastic Construction
As they are made from plastic, these stencils are durable for repeat use in even the toughest environments, and will not crack or break easily. They are also flexible for use on curved surfaces other than conventional card, paper and canvas.

Plastic will clean easily of any medium used on the stencils, ensuring no remnants are left to interfere with your artwork the next time they are used. They can be cleaned using soap and water alone, with the bright colours highlighting any remaining paint, pen, dye or glue.

Their plastic design also makes the stencils highly versatile to various uses, as unlike paper or card stencils, they will accept any artistic medium without becoming damaged. This means artists are free to stencil using pencil, pen, paint, crayons, dye, spray paint and more on any surfaces that accepts such mediums.

With such versatility, the stencils are ideal in environments where needs and preferences are varied such as classrooms. Children in particular will love the creative freedom and enjoy finding new ways to add a festive touch to their arts and crafts.

•Height: 15.5cm
•Width: 13cm

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