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YPO Premium eXtra Sticky Glue Sticks, 40g - Pack of 50

With its improved adhesive content, the YPO Premium eXtra Sticky Glue Stick is a perfect choice for a higher quality adhesive, ideal for your paper and craft projects. This bulk pack of 50 is perfect for saving money and sharing out resources across multiple classrooms.

These large 40g glue sticks are great for frequent use, and are suitable for gluing larger areas of paper or cardboard. As a premium glue stick, it even works on other craft materials such as pom poms, fabric, felt and photos! When applied, the glue will spread smoothly and evenly with minimal lumps, and remain slightly tacky whilst drying, allowing enough time to reposition objects and correct mistakes. This is perfect for young children inexperienced with gluing, as well as those frustrated with the bulky results of lower quality glue sticks.

Child Safe
The glue used in YPO Premium eXtra Sticky Glue Sticks is non-toxic and solvent free, making it safe to use for children of all ages. It is also washable for messy artists who may get it on their clothes, so parents can breathe a sigh of relief! For a versatile, safe glue stick that matches the quality of leading brands without breaking the bank, this is the choice for you.

All YPO Glue Stick tubes are made from PP5 plastics, making them 100% recyclable. Please check online if your council collects and recycles this waste, otherwise check recycle points in your area.

For a smaller pack of 10, please see 741916

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