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Carioca Jumbo Colouring Markers, Baby Safe, Assorted Colours - Pack of 6


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Key Features:
• Designed specifically for babies and toddlers aged 1+
• Maximum safety – non-toxic, washable ink and dermatologically tested
• Ergonomically shaped to fit babies’ hands
• Bear character designed to be the protagonist of games, stories and dreams for babies, toddlers and their parents
• Bright, vivid pens and inks to provide a sensory experience

Carioca Jumbo Colouring Markers carefully balance the higher quality of premium options with the lower price of economy options to ensure you always get the best value. These jumbo markers are made specifically for children aged 12 months+, with an ergonomic design to fit babies’ hands and multiple safety features for risk-free use. With beautiful bright coloured inks and a cute teddy bear barrel design, these are not your ordinary markers.

Maximum Safety
These markers have been specifically designed for safe and easy use by babies and toddlers aged 12 months and older. With non-toxic ink made from food dyes, there will be no harm done if accidentally ingested, and the ink will easily wash off clothes with just water! The ink has also been dermatologically tested for safe use on human skin. As accidents are inevitable with children of this age, these features are vital.

The tips are also rounded for maximum safety as they are not tempting or easy to put in the mouth, with the added benefit of reducing mistakes when colouring.

Made for Small Hands
The jumbo barrel has been ergonomically designed to fit babies’ little hands so they can hold them, play with them and colour with them easily. Unlike regular pens, the unique shape does not require any fine motor skill or specific pen grip for use, so they are perfect for babies to scribble and make their first marks on paper!

Imaginative Design
The cute teddy bear barrel design is comforting to young children and will encourage them to pick up a pen to experiment with drawing, colouring and making marks for the first time. The bear is designed to be the protagonist of games, stories and dreams for babies, toddlers, and their parents – its all down to your imagination!

Broad Tips
With large tips, each marker can cover large areas quickly and effortlessly, which makes colouring in faster and more fun for an overall positive, cathartic experience. The rounded shape of the tips also means they are easy to make marks with, and will produce consistent line shapes and sizes for maximum satisfaction.

The soft fibre tips are also highly durable, meaning the high-pressure young children exert when colouring will not cause them to become misshapen and unusable. This results in less frustration and ensures a longer lasting, better value pen.

A Pretty Picture
Each pack contains 6 bright, pretty colours, specially selected for their simplicity, familiarity, and sensory benefit. The sensory experience gained from the bright, eye-catching colours - along with the introduction to arts and crafts - is vital to brain development and will build the foundations for their later learning. Familiar colours will also enable babies and toddlers to artistically recreate what they can see around them, as well as whatever they can imagine.

A pack of 6 markers is the perfect size for individual use. The markers are supplied in a handy cardboard storage box, so getting them out, packing them away, or travelling with them is no trouble at all.

Colours Included:
•Light Pink
•Light Blue

Please note these colouring pens are suitable for ages 12 months+. Recommended use aged 12 months to 4 years.

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