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YPO Acrylic Paint, White – 500ml Bottle


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Key Features:
• High quality water-based liquid acrylic paint
• Creamy consistency
• Dries to a flexible, opaque, silky finish
• Specially formulated to be cleaned from non-porous surfaces
• Enables the use of watercolour techniques
• Adheres to a variety of surfaces

YPO are proud to present our very own range of acrylic paints, specifically designed with students in mind. Although they provide additional creative elements for the more advanced artist, they are primarily designed to be user-friendly for the less experienced artist or hobbyist to use. This makes them appropriate for all ages and abilities, and therefore an excellent all-round choice for any art, craft or design space. Choose YPO Acrylic Paint for unbelievable cost savings with the same quality as leading brands.

What is Acrylic Paint?
YPO Acrylic Paint is a water-based liquid paint that has many adaptable qualities. With a creamy consistency, it is easy to spread onto thick paper or canvas without activating with water first, making it simple and stress-free to use. Although not needed to activate the paint, water can still be used to thin it out for a paler effect perfect for backgrounds or shading. Each bottle is super clear to reveal vivid and seductive colour, and features a flow control cap so teachers can monitor and control the use of the paint.

Due to its thickness, acrylic paint is primarily used for adding texture or dimension to artwork. After quickly drying, the paint presents with an opaque, glossy finish, and becomes waterproof to allow layering without activating the existing paint underneath. In schools where classes may be short and students need to work quickly, acrylic paints prove to be the most convenient, not to mention simple to use and attractive in equal measure. The clean white pigment is also highly lightfast to stand the test of time, so all artwork remains as beautiful as the day it was created.

Use the paint on thicker paper or canvas for maximum effect, particularly for big projects, or those requiring texture, layering and consistent colour mixing. Acrylic also adheres to other materials such as card, wood, ceramics, glass and fibreglass, proving adaptable to all forms of art, craft and design in the classroom. For those wanting to minimise harsh chemicals or save money, acrylic paint also makes a fantastic alternative to oil paints.

Although adherent to most materials, rest assured that YPO Acrylic Paint is specially formulated so dry deposits can be easily cleaned from non-porous surfaces, including worktops, floors and art equipment. Please note that staining to surfaces, clothes and fabric may still occur, and that protective clothing and surface coverings should always be used as a precaution.

This paint is not recommended for display in external or high humidity environments without a suitable water-resistant varnish. All YPO Acrylic Paints in this range are wheat and gluten free.

For other colours in the 500ml YPO Acrylic Paint range, please see the following items: Assorted Pack of 12 – 150294; Yellow – 71030X; Violet - 710334; Green – 710318; Crimson – 710369; Burnt Sienna – 710342; Blue – 71027X; Black – 710253; Red - 710288; Orange - 710326; Cyan - 710377 .

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By Anonymous, Unknown on 04/12/2018

The quality of the product was good

By Karen Marsden, on 27/11/2017

Just like the original paints but fraction of the cost

By Martin, on 08/09/2016


By Karen, Scotland on 19/08/2016

We had to buy this paint as it was to complete an unfinished painting. The paint is a good price too which was a nice surprise. quality and price

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