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Brian Clegg Clear PVA Glue, Washable – 300ml


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Key Features:
•General use PVA designed for all ages
•Great for schools, offices and the home
•Dries crystal clear – invisible gluing, varnish, cleaner colours when mixing
•Glossy finish
•Versatile for wide range of arts and crafts and slime making

Brian Clegg are the largest supplier of arts products in the UK education market, not only due to their trusted and reliable service, but the spectacularly high quality of their products. In fact, Brian Clegg are the brand behind most own-brand PVA glues in the UK, meaning you will get the exact same quality with this glue but without the price markup!

This PVA has been specially developed for general use in schools, offices and the home, doing the job for less on all your arts and crafts projects. Drying to a completely clear yet glossy finish, it is ideal for invisible gluing, varnishing, or mixing with paint for an unbeatable professional look.

The Ultimate Versatile Adhesive
How many times have you seen PVA glue recommended when following an arts and crafts tutorial? As one of the most versatile resources in arts and crafts, PVA is used for EVERYTHING – from paper to card, papier-mâché, wood, fabrics, and even mixed with paint to create a glossy finish!

Crystal Clear Glossy Finish
Better yet, this particular PVA glue differs from others due to its uses outside of arts and crafts. With a crystal clear, professional looking finish, offices will find the PVA useful for displays, documents or minor fixes, with no unsightly glue marks left behind.

It also finds use as a varnish for pottery and other projects, leaving behind a glossy layer that protects and enhances the colour of the paint. The PVA can also be mixed with paint in a palette beforehand for a glossier look, again not affecting the colour thanks to its clear appearance.

The perfect fit for slime making, this PVA’s clarity also enhances the colourful or glittery effect of your slime, whilst its consistency makes for a satisfying squidgy and gooey feel!

Perfect for Children
Due to its versatility and low price, Brian Clegg Clear PVA Adhesive is undoubtedly an essential in spaces where premium quality is not required and projects undertaken tend to be more casual and varied, such as schools. Alternative blue, red or black label PVAs tend to be better suited to those with more specialised needs, and therefore more costly than necessary for the average classroom.

As this glue is washable, parents and teachers won’t have to worry about mess on brushes, clothes, furniture or skin either, again proving it perfect for the classroom environment. It is also gluten free for safe use by those with allergies, making it enjoyable for all.

The easy squirt nozzle makes for simple and controlled dispensing of the glue so children can complete their work with exceptional accuracy whilst reducing waste to save you money.

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